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reprobate adj : marked by immorality; deviating from what is considered right or proper or good; "depraved criminals"; "a perverted sense of loyalty"; "the reprobate conduct of a gambling aristocrat" [syn: depraved, immoral, perverse, perverted] n : a person without moral scruples [syn: miscreant]


1 reject (documents) as invalid [ant: approbate]
2 abandon to eternal damnation; "God reprobated the unrepenting sinner"
3 express strong disapproval of; "We condemn the racism in South Africa"; "These ideas were reprobated" [syn: condemn, decry, objurgate, excoriate]

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Etymology 1

From reprobatus, past participle of reprobare.


  • /ˈɹɛpɹəbət/


  1. Rejected; cast off as worthless.
  2. Rejected by God; damned, sinful.
  3. Immoral, having no religious or principled character.
    The reprobate criminal sneered at me.


  1. One rejected by God; a sinful person.
  2. An individual with low morals or principles.
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Etymology 2

From reprobare.


  • /ˈɹɛpɹəbeɪt/


  1. To have strong disapproval of something; to condemn.
  2. Of God: to abandon or reject, to deny eternal bliss.
  3. To refuse, set aside.

Extensive Definition

Reprobation, in Christian theology, is a corollary to the Calvinistic doctrine of unconditional election which derives that some of mankind (the elect) are predestined by God for salvation, so the remainder are necessarily pre-ordained to damnation, i.e. reprobation. In Calvinist terminology, the non-elect are often referred to as the reprobate. Similarly, when a sinner is so hardened as to feel no remorse or misgiving of conscience, it is considered as a sign of reprobation.
The English word, reprobate, is from the Latin root probare (English: prove, test), and thus derived from the Latin, reprobatus (reproved, condemned), the opposite of approbatus (commended, approved).

The Calvinistic doctrine of Reprobation

Moreover, Holy Scripture most especially highlights this eternal and undeserved grace of our election and brings it out more clearly for us, in that it further bears witness that not all people have been chosen but that some have not been chosen or have been passed by in God's eternal election-- those, that is, concerning whom God, on the basis of his entirely free, most just, irreproachable, and unchangeable good pleasure, made the following decision: to leave them in the common misery into which, by their own fault, they have plunged themselves; not to grant them saving faith and the grace of conversion; but finally to condemn and eternally punish them (having been left in their own ways and under his just judgment), not only for their unbelief but also for all their other sins, in order to display his justice. And this is the decision of reprobation, which does not at all make God the author of sin, but rather its fearful, irreproachable, just judge and avenger.
  • As explained by Loraine Boettner, The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination (Eerdmans, 1932). Copyright not renewed -- Public Domain.
The doctrine of absolute Predestination of course logically holds that some are foreordained to death as truly as others are foreordained to life. The very terms “elect” and “election” imply the terms “non-elect” and “reprobation.” When some are chosen out others are left not chosen. The high privileges and glorious destiny of the former are not shared with the latter. This, too, is of God. We believe that from all eternity God has intended to leave some of Adam’s posterity in their sins, and that the decisive factor in the life of each is to be found only in God’s will. As Mozley has said, the whole race after the fall was “one mass of perdition,” and “it pleased God of His sovereign mercy to rescue some and to leave others where they were; to raise some to glory, giving them such grace as necessarily qualified them for it, and abandon the rest, from whom He withheld such grace, to eternal punishment.”
The chief difficulty with the doctrine of Election of course arises in regard to the unsaved; and the Scriptures have given us no extended explanation of their state. Since the mission of Jesus in the world was to save the world rather than to judge it, this side of the matter is less dwelt upon.
In all of the Reformed creeds in which the doctrine of Reprobation is dealt with at all it is treated as an essential part of the doctrine of Predestination. The Westminster Confession, after stating the doctrine of election, adds: “The rest of mankind, God was pleased, according to the inscrutable counsel of His own will, whereby He extendeth or withholdeth mercy as He pleaseth, for the glory of His sovereign power over His creatures, to pass by, and to ordain them to dishonor and wrath for their sin, to the praise of His glorious justice.”
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abandoned, abominable, accursed, accuse, amoral, anathematize, anathemize, animadvert on, arraign, arrant, atrocious, backslider, bad, bad egg, bad lot, base, bastard, black, black sheep, blackguard, blackguardly, blamable, blame, blameworthy, call to account, cast blame upon, cast reflection upon, censure, complain against, condemn, contaminated, corrupt, corrupted, criminal, cry down, cry out against, cry out on, cry shame upon, cur, cursed, damn, damnable, damned, dark, debased, debauched, debauchee, decadent, decry, degenerate, degraded, denounce, denunciate, depraved, despicable, disapprove, disgraceful, dismiss, dissolute, evil, execrable, fallen angel, flagitious, flagrant, fleshly, foul, fulminate against, godless, good-for-nothing, graceless, heel, heinous, immoral, impeach, improper, impugn, indict, infamous, iniquitous, inveigh against, irredeemable, knave, knavish, knock, lecher, libertine, licentious, lost, lost sheep, lost soul, low, lowlife, mean, miscreant, monstrous, morally polluted, mundane, naughty, nefarious, nonsacred, notorious, peccant, pervert, perverted, pimp, polluted, profane, profligate, rake, rank, rap, rapscallion, rascal, rascally, recidivist, recreant, reflect upon, refuse, reject, reprehend, reprehensible, reproach, repudiate, roguish, rotten, roue, scalawag, scamp, scampish, scandalous, scapegrace, scoundrel, scoundrelly, secular, shake up, shameful, shameless, shriftless, sinful, skin, sorry lot, spurn, steeped in iniquity, tainted, temporal, trollop, turn down, unblessed, unconverted, unforgivable, unhallowed, unholy, unpardonable, unprincipled, unredeemed, unregenerate, unsacred, unsanctified, unspeakable, unworthy, vice-corrupted, vicious, vile, villain, villainous, vitiated, warped, wastrel, whore, wicked, worldly, wretch, wrong
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